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Smartline Mandurah

The Mortgage Gallery Mandurah

It was back in April 2012 that our franchise changed our name from The Mortgage Gallery Mandurah to Smartline.  It's still surprises us the amount of people who are still looking for The Mortgage Gallery Mandurah what a fantastic name we created in Mandurah.  The...

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When to consider home loan refinancing

For long-term borrowers, it’s easy to get into a pattern of repayment and assume that there’s no need to tweak things here and there. What might surprise you is that becoming complacent with your home loan could be costing you thousands. It pays (literally) to do a...

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What is a “Home Loan Review”?

Mainly it’s all about you, your current lending and your future dreams, aspirations and goals, making sure you have the ideal loan to suit you. Then checking to ensure you have the features within your loan at the right price. Good ears are essential to a Home Loan...

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