Daily, at Smartline in Mandurah, we save clients’ serious money by reducing the amount of interest they pay on their home and investment loans.

Daily we hear differing reasons why clients don’t want to refinance their home loans and that’s fine with us it’s entirely up to the client if they want to save money or not.

Here are the 10 repetitive reasons we hear why home owners don’t want to move their home loan.

  1. We don’t want to spend hours sitting in the bank waiting to be seen.
  2. We won’t save that much.
  3. We have all our internet banking set up at “XXX” bank and don’t want to set it all up again.
  4. We like having a bank to go to.
  5. We haven’t got the time to go fluffing around.
  6. I don’t know how much I’ll save it’s probably not worth it.
  7. The kid at the bank just isn’t helpful at all.
  8. I can’t be bothered gathering all the paper work needed.
  9. 0-75% interest on a $350,000 loan won’t make that much difference.
  10. I’ve been with “XXX” bank for 25 years.

And our response is this.

  1. If you make an appointment with Smartline Mandurah to review your home loan we give you a small list of 5 items to bring with you. We are constantly on time, you sit in a private office with the door closed and the appointment will take around ½ an hour if your lending is not complex.  And the bonus is we have good coffee.
  2. We will tell you how much you can save and you can decide if it’s worth refinancing or not.
  3. If your loan is refinanced to another lender you can still leave all your banking in the same place and simply pay your home loan monthly like you do with all your other monthly repayments
  4. When did you last walk into a bank?
  5. After your first appointment we can do the rest by email, fax or phone with another 10 minute appointment to sign documents.
  6. Again, We will tell you how much you can save and you can decide if it’s worth refinancing or not.
  7. Don’t go to the bank, come and see us at 8 Sholl Street Mandurah. Sue will great you with a smile and all our finance brokers have an embarrassing amount of experience and I guarantee all are very helpful.
  8. We will give you a list of what to gather, most times it’s 5 items.
  9. Over 30 years you will save $40,959 or $1365-30 a year or $113-77 a month or $26-25 a week. Now that makes a difference.
  10. If you’ve been with a bank that long they should love you enough to give you a good interest rate, ask us to show you how much your bank loves you.

I don’t know how much you earn an hour but if an hour’s work can save you $40,959 I think that’s an hour well spent.  Let’s face it your money is better off in your pocket than a banks.