Applying for a home loan can often be a confusing and downright scary process.

This is why more customers are seeking the professional advice of a Mortgage Broker to hold their hand and guide them through the jungle of lenders.

What does a broker actually do?

amys blogAt  Smartline Mandurah we have  a smorgasbord of lenders to choose from which include major and minor banks and credit unions.  We will find you a loan to suit your needs and current situation.

We explain what options are available with the varying lenders and guide you through everything from putting in an offer, submitting the application, and applying for any First home owner’s grants.

We follow the loan through from application to settlement and beyond.

What fees are involved?

NONE we do not charge for our services, we get paid from the lender of choice when your loan has settled, this is not charged back to you in anyway.

Give us a go you have nothing to lose.

Whether you are a first home owner, investor or existing home owner we can help COMPARE the banks and find you the IDEAL loan.


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