In Mandurah over the last 3 months 55% of our home loan applications have been refinancing.  Clients are achieving cheaper interest rates and saving money by refinancing.

A slow sales market entices people to snuggle into their current home and be satisfied with what they’ve got.  Being settled with your home does not mean you have to be settled with your home loan.  A review of your home loan should be completed every year or two years at the most.  Clients we have been reviewing are mostly finding a better/ cheaper solution to their home loan needs.

The clever clients keep their repayments the same thus paying more than needed off their loan, the excess they are paying then comes directly off the principle of the loan, effectively reducing the term of the loan substantially, in most cases.

Our 4 in house finance brokers are all ready and willing to check your home loan for you.  It could be you have the best loan that suits your needs or it could be you can do better call a broker on 9535 2444 and find out.

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