Cash Flow Lending

Do you want to grow your business, develop new products or invest in new equipment?  Don’t let irregular cash flow stand in your way.

Brad Kenworthy at Smartline Mandurah is a Cash Flow Lending Specialists and can help you to access the money you need to take your business to the next level. He will review your business situation in detail and help you to ascertain the best method for funding from a range of options, banks and financial institutions.

Business Overdraft – Secured or Unsecured

An Overdraft Facility can be linked to your business transaction account and allows you the freedom to pay business expenses without the issue of overdrawing your account or having payments dishonoured (up to an approved limit). Typically interest is calculated daily and only on the outstanding balance or amount of funds utilised.

Call Brad now 9535 2444 he’s here to help you reach your business goals.