Downsizing Your Home Loan

Smartline Mandurah

Time to Downsize? Smartline Mandurah can help you

Downsizing home loans

So your kids have grown up and left home, and now you are needing to downsize your home and your home loan? Or, you may want to downsize your home and also have an investment property?  Or maybe a city pad and 5 acres with some chooks?

Whatever the dream please give us a call before you make the first move.  

We will sit and listen to your dreams and aspirations then check your financial plan to ensure that once you have sold your home you will be in a financial position to finance the next phase.

Our finance brokers will explain the process of downsizing your home, including:

  • Outlining the costs involved in selling one home and buying another
  • Making sure you are in a position to make an offer by processing a home loan Pre Approval for you
  • Calculating your repayments
  • Comparing the banks for you to find the ideal interest rate and loan features to suit your needs, not just for today but into the future