Imagine finding a petrol station that was always 5c per litre cheaper. Most people would make an effort to go there. If you purchased 100 litres per week at that station you would only save $250 over a whole year.

We just helped a client that had a $490,000 home loan on 4.40% p.a. (which is very common). We re-financed that loan to 3.99% p.a. and saved them approximately $2,000 p.a. in interest cost. The savings can be huge.

Unfortunately, not everyone qualifies for 3.99% p.a., however, for most people, it makes more sense to review your home loan rate than the local petrol prices.

Whilst many people will be “spending up big” over Christmas, we would like to help you “save”.

A recent Fairfax article noted that Australian home loan holders are paying $9,900,000,000 more interest than necessary. They also said that 40% of home loan holders have not renegotiated their loans for more than 10 years.

Put us to work over Christmas. The industry is quiet and the banks are competing very aggressively for volume. Competition translates into great deals.

Remember, our service is FREE.

If we can’t find you savings, you will at least have peace of mind.

Whilst you are hopefully relaxing in front of the cricket, on a beach, or with family at home, we will be trying to make your new year that little bit happier.