Over the last two months, lending for investment properties has changed.   You may have received a letter from your bank indicating this.

We are posting this blog to invite you to ensure your investment lending is in the ideal place and more importantly, that you have the ideal product and interest rate to maximise the return on your investment.

Please contact us for a loan check on your investments, particularly if you have:

  • An interest rate on your investment loan greater than 4.25%  (We can offer qualified clients 4.25% fixed for 3 years at the time of writing.  Honestly, this won’t last so please act promptly)
  • Been notified by your lender that your interest rate has increased
  • Originally purchased your property as an investment and now live in it
  • Not reviewed your lending in the last 2 years

This review is yet another free service from your local Mandurah Personal Mortgage Advisor, to ensure your investment lending is ideal to your needs, as we appreciate your business.