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Property Investment Loans

When looking to invest in property, there are many issues for you to consider.

Arranging the most suitable loan for your circumstances is important. For example, should you choose a fixed rate, an interest only loan, a variable principal and interest loan, or a line of credit? Obtaining advice from an accounting professional and or taxation agent is the best place to start. They can advise you on how best to structure your property investment portfolio and provide insight such as whether it’s best to invest in residential or commercial property, and whether your investment should or can be positively or negatively geared.

Unlike buying your home, buying an investment property requires an entirely unemotional approach. If you have concerns consider using a Buyers’ Agent. It is most important to do your research! Again, this is where a buyers’ agent can be very helpful. Also consider the pros and cons of managing the property yourself compared with engaging the services of a professional property manager.

For professional advice and practical assistance in developing your property investment portfolio, contact one of the expert finance brokers here at Home Loans Mandurah today.